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Auto Assurance, LLC Ripped me off!! Plano, Texas!!. I received a letter in the mail from Auto Assurance about my VW Jetta because my factory warranty is about to expire, which it is. He had all my info so I didn’t really suspect anything unusual. He was really nice and offering me the platinum warranty on my car for like 3 grand. He said if I didn’t respond within the phone call, the offer would expire.Well I have extenuating circumstances and I needed to speak to someone overseas about the coverage. He put me on a 24 hour hold and I told him I’d call him back. My husband got home and said it seemed a little fishy, so I called the dealership and it turns out they are NOT affiliated at all. I was about to get scammed for a HUGE amount of money.I called the company back and threw a fit with “Nick” who said I “shouldn’t speak to him that way because its a recorded call.” Oh please. He said I could google them, which I did, and it brought me to this site.ALWAYS call the dealership to double check. These people had all my info an seemed legit. Glad I called VW because he had me suckered in.

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