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We bought a 2006 Honda Accord at Auto City on Valentine’s Day. We only resorted to Auto City because my fiance hadn’t had enough on the job time to get a car through a lender and had a thin credit history. We checked the car over pretty good, wasn’t perfect but car was in great conditon and ran perfect. So we thought…the week we bought the car things started falling apart. First, driverside seat belt was apparently stripped from the side of the car and someone had just taken a hammer and beat it in real good. After pulling it and pulling it over a couple days to buckle up, it finally came out. Second the carpet in the passenger side was unattached to the floorboard. Instead of fixing it they just glued it enough so it would stay for awhile. My biggest problem is that 60 days after my air compressor goes out. Went down and talked to the manager on 4/26/12, told him I knew that it was the compressor, he (quote) did me a favor and had service look at it just to tell me the same thing. He says It’s the compressor.. Duh! Wanting to charge me 325 for a junkyard compressor or 625 for a new one with no guarantee. Which is the same estimate a local, trusted AC mecanhic told me, but manager said I was getting 50% off labor and parts at their cost. He was lying yet again. They are a rip off. They also told me they’d fix the seatbelt when the diagnosed the AC problem but they didn’t. The car had a salvage title, and they were upfront and honest, even showed pictures of the damage, so I thought they would be trustworthy. I’ve also had payment issues with them. I don’t trust them and I wish I had went with my gut feeling. I am now stuck with this 400/month car payment for 24 months and my air is not working. Honda eX model so no back windows and my poor 2 yo daughter has to almost sweat to death if I have errands to run and I have to take her with me and it’s really hot out. I gave this place almost 4000 dollars since February, the manager is nothing short of a POS and please do not shop here, go elsewhere if possible. You may get a great car but if you don’t they will do nothing to help you! They take advantage of people who they know doesn’t really have any other choice. Hadn’t visited them since Feb and pretty much all of the same cars were there, they aren’t selling many cars for a reason. I had seen a few bad reviews and I ignored them, there is definitely truth to them. Auto City Sucks! PS: Their free 90 day warranty is bull, the price is 100 dollars and it’s added to your contract, my finace was filling out the paperwork and I was trying to keep my daughter busy, if I had of caught it I would’ve said something, your paying for it and the contract explains additional coverage can include all AC related issues but we were never offered that because they didn’t want us to now we were paying for it. A few days after we bought the car the light for the oil change came up showing 30% oil life left, they didn’t even change the oil when they bought it, or change the windshield wipers (2006 honda originals) had to also ask them to put some gas in so we could get the car home, I think he put in 5 dollars to get us back to Kannapolis, we had to fill up as soon as we were in Concord. I have really considered telling him to come and get this piece of junk, It’s pretty safe to say that I know things are going to keep falling apart on this car, but the time it’s paid off, it won’t be worth much of anything.

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