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I was initially called by someone named John Smith who provided me with an approved loan # of 1010534. He told me to take the information & a loan officer would tell me all the details to my loan. I called the # 813-474-4214 an spoke w/Richard Jones who said I was a approved for 12,456.00 with a 3.93 interest rate to pay back at 337.87 per mo over a 4 yr period. Richard Jones says he was a loan officer and that to get the loan I’d need to send in $1000; what is the make/model of the car I want & please provide vin# & dealership#. Told him what if I did not want to use all the $$$ for a car; but only some. Said this could be done if I provided $1000. Told him before I provided the $$$; I’d need everything we’d discussed in writing. He say it is not done that way & to please send the $1,000. Explained that was too good to be true and left it alone. Richard continued to contact me non-stop over the next 2 weeks; asked if I could send $500; they’d fund me for the rest. Told him I’d send it only after I’d received somethin in writing. Below, is what I was sent: From: Richard J <[email protected]>Date: Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 6:04 PMSubject: 1010534To: [email protected] Hello Cassandra, Hope all is well. According to our telephonic conversation, there by i have attached the agreement for the loan we are going to provide you as required by your end. I apologize for not getting back to you on time and kindly, oblige for the same. Awaiting for your quick and positive reply. Regards,Richard J,Finance Officer727-827-8212Auto loans AmericaAuto Lending NetworksUSA Auto FinanceAuto Loans

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