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You will first see their ad on Craigslist. At first you will see a shiny car in the picture usually an Audi, Infinity, Lexus or some luxury car. When you go their dealership (which is looks a bit shady) you will find the car is in an “Ok condition” but not that good. Notice every car, you will see a few dings or dents or small cosmetic defects. Of course if you see the KBB value the luxury cars are priced cheap. The sales person will be nice and definitely not pushy. But the only problem I had was the sales people insist that the cars are good and in perfect condition. It is all good till here. After you make an offer and start the buying process you will learn that the car has been in an accident. I was very disappointed, when I asked if the car had any issues they said “no issues”. Later I got carfax report of a few other cars in their dealership. Nearly all of them had issues. Some were repo, some in accidents some had other issues. A lot of these cars were sold at auctions before ending up here. I changed my mind minutes before signing. If you are OK with a car that had issues but drives well, then go for it. If not then stay away. Jack N Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.

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