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Auto Tire repeatedly overfilled engine oil causing engine damage St Louis Missouri!!. I have taken my vehicle to Auto Tire for several years for routine maintainence without incident. But after the past 2 services I noticed my car running very rough and noticed an oil leak. My husband checked the oil level and it registered an inch and a forth past the full line on the dipstick and checked the leak underneath the vehicle and noted it was leaking around the filter and 2 main seals. The last oil change was done on 12/20/17 and when I started my vehicle on 12/24/17 the check engine light came on. I then took it to an independent auto shop to have an evaluation done and they also noted the oil level being way over full (1 1/2 iches ) past the full line and noted the oil leaks from around the filter and main seals. I then took it back to Auto Tire so that they could witness the oil level and oil leaks. It also needed to be documented the massive amount of blue exhaust smoke coming from the vehicle and how rough it was running. At present the vehicle is not driveable. I have asked for Auto Tire to pay for the damages done to my vehicle to get it back in working order but they have refused to do so and deny any wrong doing.

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