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Advertised on eBay Motors was a convenient driving light set found on a search for my 2002 Ford Excursion. It comes from Ford with a pair of suitable driving lights but I was looking for an upgrade in lighting performance. I came across these people’s ad for a drop in replacement pair of lights with 55w Xenon bulbs — the pictures of a similar truck made them look great. I purchased a set and could tell upon viewing the contents of the box that these were definitely not going in where the OEM lights were to come out. The OEM lights are incorporated into two plastic brackets held in behind the grill in such a way that a generic set of lights would not fit at all. What I received was a generic set of lights and not a set particular to my as advertised. Instead of contacting (after having read the person’s issues, I decided to mount these in addition to the OEM driving lights. My issue is not in the quality of the lights, but the manner in which I was sold a set of lights specific to MY truck. These were definitely NOT for any Ford Excursion, F250, F350 or similar. I think, ethically, could have sold them via eBay Motors as a complimentary lighting system and left the photo shopped pic of my truck out of the ad. This is a classic example of deceitful — basically lying.

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