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Autoplex Manassas Total ripoff car dealer, misrepresents cars and lacks business ethics Manassas, Virginia!!. We purchased a car from him that was advertised as in great shape, having no issues, recently inspected, etc etc. His standard advert online. The car had a recent inspecton sticker and test drove actually very well. We purchased the car for our new driver son and after three days the car left him stranded three times. We got it running and took the car to our mechanic of over 16 years who is also a close personal friend and respected service consultant in northern virginia. His immediate assessment was that the car had a replacement engine, needed a battery, probably emissons work (the check engine light had come on) and needed brakes to the extent that it should not have passed inspection and that the oil pan was leaking through a hole in the pan. Franco upon purchase issued paper plates and when we went to DMV were informed that it needed emissions and that it woulld not pass with the check engine light on. Upon learning this from my mechanic I confronted Franco indicating he should take the car back and Iwould do an even trade. His immediate position was that my mechanic was trying to rip me off and was not to be trusted. A replacement engine to him was just fine and he said he would fix the issues my mechanic identified. He supposedly replaced an O2 sensor and said there was a hose leaking under the pan to the transmission. He proceeded to disparage my mechanic with a “told you so” story and advised me I paid too much for my new battery via my mechanic. After the vehicle subsequently failed inspection (safety and emissions) I returned the car again to Franco stating it was not fit to drive and he should take it back an willing to take an even trade. He would not address safety issues as it had passed his safety inspection prior to sale (a Virginia requirement). He said he would fix the emissions issues and I again pointed out the oil leak that he had not fixed despite his efforts in discounting my mechanic. We also noted that the car would not hold washer fluid and the radio had now failed.He took the car in and I purchased the O2 sensor. He installed it and reset the engine light. He noted that the oil appeared to be leaking from a rear seal and for us to watch what was going on. I figured out the radio issue myself. He told me I paid too much for the O2 sensor and ordered one using his dealer ID wholesale and made it seem like he should be praised for such amazing work. I returned the O2 sensor I bought for full price. The car passed emissions.. three days later the engine light was back on.The car now two weeks later overheats and cannot be driven more than a block. It has oil in it and is consuming coolant somewhere. I confronted Franco this morning and told him he needed to do the right thing and take the car back. He said he could not do that and would not help me. I went to show him a picture of the oil, washer fluid, and coolant flood in my driveway. He said the hole in the oil pan was created by my young driver… finally at least he recognized a hole in the pan.The car is now at a reputable service station in Fairfax near where it died. Avoid this dealer at all cost. His story will be the following.. I fixed the car when he brought it in. I have sold hundreds of cars and had a hand full of issues over many years. The car didn’t leak oil when I sold it and was damaged by the customer.

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