BAM GARAGE Teresa Pejski James casey My partner purchased a car from a friend from work few months ago, after receiving the car seemed in reasonable condition considering its age -1999 vt commodore with 156000 on the clock after driving around without aircon that was suposed to have been fixed by bam garage i took it to specialist to reveal a $750 replacement cost in addition to this i decided to see what the coolant was like looks like it had never been done since car was purchesed yet bam garage claim to have flushed it on several occations not to mention all, the other charges they just added to the bill and never did end result i now have a car with siezed motor due to never being serviced properly and well over charged for nothing bam will take your money. Brisbane Nationwide!!. Car was purchased from friend from work after reciving car looked in reasonable condtion after short time i noticed multiple things starting to go wrong i spoke with friend from work who then hands me all service receipts from bam garage outlining what they claimed to have serviced on this vehicle turnes out they didnt service one dam thing on this car im no mechanic but i probably could do better job than the bam mechanic’s the end result i now have a car that has a seized motor due to the lack of care it recived whilst in the hands of bam garage quite dangerous and negligent if you ask me i wouldnt take your car there if you value it.

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