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We aquired a new dog at the end of March. After taking her to a local vaccine clinic to get initially set up, we began looking for “actual” vets for her regular care, when we came across the Banfield pet hospital’s puppy wellness plan online. | Seemed like a great deal! Included in the plan ( which you make monthly payments for) was two physicals annually, vaccinations, a health panel, diagnostic testing, 3 fecal exams, 4 de-wormings, spay or neuter, and unlimited office visits. I also paid an additional $6 something a month to include heartworm medication in our individual plan. | Initial startup cost was $90, followed by $60/month for a year. Even though we live over 30 miles away, i felt the value was worth the distance. | I set my first appointment- 60+ miles round trip. shared my dog’s background. I am the 3rd owner, and the poor girl is just now 7 months old. She had never previously been vetted and was TERRIFIED, and the use of a muzzle was needed. I was instructed to bring in a fecal sample, which i did, however an internal fecal exam was done. Wormer was given just in case. THe majority of the appointment was just tryng to get the muzzle on her and sticking a tube up her butt. | THe second appointment I took my dog to was for booster shots. 60+ mile round trip. She was so upset when we entered the room, the muzzle was once again given to me to place on her. Even though she’s just 6 months, she’s close to 75 lbs. IMagine putting a muzzle on a very terrified 75 lb animal who doesn’t want it on. I was sent home with a prescription for acemeprozone for anti anxiety ( paid for seperately) and instructions to come back several weeks later for her spay, at which time they’d do her blood work and boosters while she was under. | I show up for the spay appointment ( another 60+ miles round trip), dog medicated as directed. Ended up waiting an hour and 15 minutes for the doctor to get there. And again they won’t see my dog, again they throw a muzzle at me and expect me to get it on her, while she’s panicked and terrified, in the exam room. It was only at this THIRD APPOINTMENT that the suggestion of getting a basket muzzle and getting her used to it was brought up to me. Maybe that would have been beneficial information to share earlier? | After unsuccessful visit 3 to get vet care, I decided i wasn’t messing with that office anymore. I called another local banfield to get her in for a “happy puppy” visit ( a visit in which staff just loves on her, gives her treats and we go on our way with no stress/exam/pain) and the soonest they could get her in was 10 days from the date I called EVEN THOUGH NO VET SERVICES WERE REQUESTED AT THAT TIME- Purely a social visit. It will then have been close to 2 months with no adequate care for my animal, so I decided to seek vet care outside of the Banfield system. | We have since gone to a highly reccomended local vet and I am pleased to report my animal did well and we have a very solid plan to treat her while gaining her trust. | My dog is well behaved in public, and meets new people generally well. She participates in organized training courses with other dogs and gets along just fine. She’s simply unsure and terrified of the vet. | After speaking with my “dog people” friends about the fiasco, it came to my attention that it’s highly unusual for a vet office to turn an animal away- many that worked in vet offices expressed it wasn’t at all uncommon to have an animal that was scared and aggressive at the vet, and since they were PROFESSIONALS, they knew how to handle animals in situations like that. | I personally feel Banfield was stringing me along, and pushing my animal aside. The entire demeanor at the office was rushed, impersonal, and unprofessional ( I wouldn’t call it professional if a vet office doesn’t know how to handle scared dogs) My animal recieved minimal vet care, yet I was still required to pay the full wellness plan price. My dog is a great dog who – through no fault of her own- is unsure and scared. It’s not her fault people impulsively purchase or adopt dogs then get rid of them when the novelty wears off. | On top of the plan with our new vet and group training, we have scheduled an individual training session to address the vet issue. | Banfield’s response to this whole mess ( BBB response) was “you owe us $450. FOR WHAT? FOr a tube being shoved up my dog’s butt? because I was literally right there in the room and that was the only type of procedure any banfield vet preformed on my dog. | A place of business- a place that specializes in the care of animals shouldn’t never respond with ” we can’t care for her- come back later” AND STILL CHARGE ME FOR THAT VET VISIT! | I should NOT be expected to complete contractual payments when vet care was routinely denied ( to be exact, 66.66666% of the times we have sought scheduled care we were denied) The contract works both ways. I am supposed to pay, services are supposed to be provided. If services weren’t provided, no charges should take place. | I requested termination of our plan via banfield corporate. I have not heard back from them. The simple fact that banfield wants me to pay for vet visits in which my animal was never even seen and services that weren’t fully preformed is enough for me to raise complaint with any and all appropriate entities.

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