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I ordered skin cream from Beautiful Skin for a trial period on 1/28/16. I received the product and was charged 89.95 after the 7 day trial on 2/12/16. I called and cancelled the reoccurring charge as I did not like the product. On 2/16/16 I was charged another 92.95 and another 89.95 on 2/29/16. I have called and spoken to the customer care number which does not state the name of the company you are calling when the phone is answered. They would not refund my product in full as they state I did not cancel. In the conversation I had with them today 2/29/16 they would not tell me the name of the company they work for all they would do is repeat the terms and conditions. I told them I understand the terms and conditions but I cancelled on 2/12 and should not be receiving any charges from any of the company names they go by. I was also told on 2/12 and 2/29 that they would send me a confirmation email stating all future debits were cancelled. I have only received one package from this company and they told me I am unable to return. so in all I have received 3 charges adding up to 272.85 with in a month time.

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