Benzer Pharmacy


There are several problems with this company. First CEO likes to cut corners and use pharmacy technicians as pharmacy managers, rather than using a pharmacist.They hire pharmacy technicians that are not certified to run the business just because they are from an indian descent to get greencards (like the CEO).Pharmacy technicians are hired without going to tech school and are not registed or licensed in the begninning and are allowed to work with drugs before they get an official board of pharmacy license. The techs are expected to be marketers and delivery drivers without compensation or training. They expect the techncian to delivery drugs for free without liability or car insurance. Pharmacists is not properly trained at their job. they offer competative pay but your contract means nothing, they can change their mind anytime and they do. If you are full time you will not get full time hours. Corporate is a mess, the staff is underqualified (cheap labor). No one communicates with each other and they could fire you on the spot if they like someone else, even when you meet all of their sales goals. Lets not even talk about how qualifiedd the pharmacists are at compounding and the problems that they are going to get the company into. They don’t train anyone to work their job, pharmacists, technicians, drivers, marketers are all hired without proper training and are given roles beyond their contract.Marketers do not last in the company because everyone in corporate office thinks they are the boss and makes their own decision without informing the next person.Drivers are not covered by insurance and are expected to use their own cars when delivering, which is illegal. Patient information is not secure in their system and can be floated around to their “call center”. Corporate office is a mess on its own. Everyone thinks they are the boss there. The owners Alpesh Patel and Manish Patel doesn’t know how to run a business. He micromanages everyone in the company from the store down to the driver. His district manager is just a pharmacy technician and yet Alpesh never lets him to his role properly. He is probably running this business shortly just to sell it to Walgreens or CVS to make millions.

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