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Berge Mazda/Volkswagen Berge VW “I was shooting from the hip” Mesa Arizona!!. Letter to Berge: Dear Sirs: After speaking with Mr. Crawford, then u201cMattu201d the sales manager, it is apparent that my transaction was flawed in several areas. I believe this transaction was veiled in u201ccar speechu201d where ultimately the client (me) was the victim of manipulation, if not, misrepresentation. Again, I would like to believe this was a mistake and not a willful attempt to misrepresent what was to happen. In our conversation specifically concerning the u201cpayoff amountu201d, Matt suggested the $1440 amount was a u201cshot from the hipu201d amount. This is categorically a failure in Mattu2019s memory, because he left the desk to find out what was the total payoff amount? The fact that the payoff amount was $1925 is of great concern to me, what was the $1440? Why would Matt be u201cshooting from the hipu201d? Also, Volkswagen Credit took out an additional payment weeks after I turned in the car. So, right now I am owed in addition to the amount paid ($1440), an additional $500, plus the $220 deducted from my checking account weeks after the transaction was completed. I expect those two amounts to be remitted immediately. Secondly, the idea that I was to turn my car in and then have it sold at the auction (within weeks) for virtually the exact amount of what the car was valued (per Matt and Jones Motors) AND THEN get charged over $1500 in wear and tear, dents, and taxes a month later is reprehensible. When Matt told me that he would remit the remaining payments for me to pay off at Volkswagen Credit, at no time was I informed, nor was it a question, that there may be other charges. In summary, I repeat that I expect a check for the remaining payoff amount owed me plus the payment taken out weeks after the car was turned into your company. Additionally, I need a letter from either from you addressed to Volkswagen Credit and me stating that I do not owe Volkswagen Credit anything other than the payoff of my lease payment amount. Matt casually suggested that this was a misunderstanding and asked, u201cWhat are you looking foru201d? Iu2019m willing to leave it at that (a misunderstanding) providing the above two provisions are met. If not, this transaction will be dealt with in a much more public arena in addition to other forms of recourse available to me. Itu2019s simple: -You induced me to buy a new car (several times by email, phone calls, etc)- -You took my former leased car into your possession and SOLD it. -The wear and tear, damages and taxes were assessed while in your possession at some time I was unaware, by someone unbeknownst to me, and certainly not part of Bergeu2019s representation in our transaction. If this is not handled immediately, I will be forced to take all available recourse (both legal and social) to fight this u201cmistakeu201d. If that happens, there will be no further issues with Berge. Thank You, Steve

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