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Dear BestBuy Canada, nI am writing you because it seems I don’t have any other options because of the poor customer service you have there. nI bought a fax machine (Lexmark X4270) 2.5 months ago. The fax stop working and shows a message that says: Cartridge Unreadable. nI went to the store hopping to have it exchange for other brand but their answer was Please Contact the manufacturer. nI have to tell you, I don’t want to have the fax repair because I paid for a New Unit not for a refurbished fax. If I wanted to buy a refurbished fax I would have bought one in the first place for half the money. I don’t want to have it exchanged for another Lexmark unit because it is obvious to me at this point that the quality of this brand is poor (I understand, that maximizes your profit). So, all I wanted was my money back. nWhen I came back home and realized how I am being ripped off here, I called the store, after 20 minutes fighting with the store representative, she told me that the only option I had was to call the 1-866-bestbuy, which I did, but the representative told me that they couldn’t do anything because they only support Online Transactions and that I should call the store again, which I did, and spoke to the manager which basically told me a hundred times that he couldn’t do anything either. nI find this to be a very unfair business practice; basically you deal with low quality providers, and when a problem arise the customer (ME) have to deal with the manufacturer?????? Let me tell you something, I paid the money to you, not the manufacturer, and if someone has to call the manufacturer, it should be Best Buy, not me. nWell, to finish this letter I just want to tell you that I will do anything in my power to publicize this injustice, so this defective fax probably will be one of the most expensive and damaging to your images you ever sell. nReinaldonCalgary, AlbertaCanada

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