Best Buy Imports , Oscar, Harold, Brian , Tom the boss


Best Buy Imports , Oscar, Harold, Brian , Tom the boss Oscar, Harold, Brian, Tom i was scammed for $2700 and ilegal repo saying i didnt have insurance Philadelphia Pennsylvania!!. I made a deposit of $2700. In the beginning they said only bring 2k and u will leave with the car. I even have it on text. Then I come in and its a different story. I agree to 4k down for the and pay for the taxes. then he says if u put $500 more u can get an even lower payment. I told them I would “see” if i could do the xtra 500 on top of the payment. They told me to put down the 2700 and come back and pay 1800, when i came home i showed my husband the contract and he immediately said something was wrong. I called the dealership 2x and no answer in the morning. Please be mindful I work most of the day too. on 2/15 I told them the car was having problems. I have a video of oscar promising to fix the car if issues arise. I told him i signed a document saying you guys will not be responsible for fixing the car if something is wrong. He said ” if you come in with a 1000 bill we are not going to pay that. But if u bring the car in within 30 days we will be more than happy to fix any issues under our care. on 2/18/18 i sent an email to oscar stating my tax refund was almost here and the status update from the irs. on 2/20/18 I had a problem with the car, the keys and a check that was give to them under an other name cause they demanded a check. NO HELP at all from them. on 2/25/18 I emailed again and only wanted to speak via email because now they r ignoring me and i needed to build a case. on 2/26/18 I speak to oscar about what is happening and all he kept asking is where is the money where is the money. mind you guys this is a buy here pay here place. I told them i was robbed for somehwat of money but wanted to work something out with the car and explain in death the issues the car has, plus the contract was showing diffrent numbers and i wanted answers. @ 1124am oscar told (same day) me that he would take care care of this and call me right back. I waited hrs for a call back and no answer. on 2/27/2018 @ 10:22am I got a call from the scammer sales man and he was telling me whats going on where r u? I told him i spoke to oscar and then he said he doesn’t know what im talking about. @ 1159am I called the dealrship and requested to speak to oscar. Oscar said he cant do anything and the paperwork is right, that I know what i owe, and that if i want to bring the car back its a voluntary repo. i told them im sorry our not going to scam me, I been scammed before with this type of stuff before. @ 1204pm I called back to ask for the owner name @ 1229pm I called again to speak to the owner or at least have his name so I can file a complaint with dept of consumer affairs and no one would give me the name, I asked for documents to be emailed and oscar said yes i will email them. I have him recorded on the phone in compliance. @ 103pm I called back asking for the info and the scammer salesman said oscar doesnt want to talk to u, he said u need to come in and pickup the paperwork. I live almost 2hrs away. this is y we agreed on the email. this is over $500 difference and no one wants to talk. 3/9/18 at 1045pm dealer send repo to get my car for no insurance. i have video of the repo man showing us his pc stating reason for repo is for no insurance. i also have recording of tom the owner stating reason y he sent my car to get picked up was due to insurance issue. (havent even had the car a month yet). many documents presented here by other party r incomplete. contract, cash deposits, n paperwork doesnt add up. i also have video on oscar finance making false promises as i read outloud sections not covered by the dealership. employees promising to help no matter what. i also have video of harold saying i should take his check n pay him later. i professionally came to them via email many time n with phone calls and no answer. i was told by tom himself while i cried in his office while i was recording “only reason i know about u is due to u reporting us to bbb, dept of consumer affairs and the attorney general office”. right after i called the police in their area n i was told this was civil. they asked for proof of insurance n i gave it to them. they spoke to tom right after me n dealer then said it was do to unpaid fees. (they changed their story) i was told to file charges in my county since thats where it happened in nj. i am going to take all this to superior court. i wont be scammed. i tried to work this out. n not embarrass them. i wont be scammed. i want $2,700 plus $60 for paying to take my property out on 3/14/18 they r scammers beware

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