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Approximately, 8 months ago, I purchased a used 5th wheel rv from Bill Plemmons RV world. During this process, I asked specifically if they had any knowledge of water damage or problems. The salesman stated that there were no known issues. Upon getting the RV home, I realized that damage had been concealed in various manners and in fact the entire rear end of the RV was rotten to the core. Upon doing some investigation, I found that the prior owner notified Bill Plemmons RV world of the extent of water damage and were told that the damage was too extensive for repair and encouraged the owners to trade it in for a newer unit.Upon notifying Bill Plemmon’s RV of my findings, they informed me that yes, they were aware of water damage but that they were under the impression that this damage and any leaks had been repaired by the previous owner. I then filed a report with the BBB of which Bill Plemmons is a member with several reports, all of which to have been deemed either solved, or that they made every effort to resolve the problem. Their “deeming” that Bill Plemmons RV world made every effort in my case was in fact completely false. Bill Plemmons RV world in essence told me to just get over it knowing that it would cost me more in legal fees than it was worth. In my case, I paid $4000 cash for the RV and still have never used it. I have been working on it throughout the past 8-9 months rebuilding the entire thing. I felt as if I was left with no choice as I could neither resell it or use it untill the entire camper is basically rebuilt. Josh Martinsville, VirginiaU.S.A.

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