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Individual Bill Vega Salesman -Valley Mazda-MitsubishiAddress: 2436 Broad St.San Luis Opispo Ca. 93401U.S.A. Phone:805-544-5373 In 2000 When I leased my Miata from Vega, He treated me with respect and kindness. And I really liked him. Only to find out he was a lying cheat, who took unfair advantage of a hard of hearing hard of seeing Senior Citizen. because I thought he was a nice guy. Boy was I wrong. I was lied to, cheated, and stolen from.I had the Miata a little over a year and only put 4500 miles on it. Not a scratch. Looked like it came off the show room floor. It was much to uncomfortable for my wife. I called Bill Vega to see if he could sell it for me. A month went by and I never heard from him. I checked with the bank to see what was owed on it and it came to $22,900.00. I found a buyer for $22,000,00. I called Bill Vega and told him we were thinking of leasing a Diamante. Could I get one with absolutely no negative on my car, and save myself the $900.00. He said come on down there is absolutely no problem. I told him I had a doctors app.and didnt have much time. He said everything would only take a few minutes. I asked Bill Vega 3 times about there being a negative. He said No, there will not be a negative and we will pay off your $22,900.00. He never once said that I would only be getting $17,800 for my car. There never would have been a sale. I said, great. He said the payments will be $500.00 a month. I said we’ll take it. Took his word, signed the papers and took the car home. The very next day my Diamante is in the local paper advertised at their place of business, Valley Mazda & Mitsubishi for $369.00 a month lease. Nothing down. Well I pull out my contract and sure enough I was lied to. There was a tremendous negative of $5000.00. They only allowed me $17,800 for my car. So I call and tried to talk to Bill Vega, who would not talk to me and said to talk to the sales manager Bob Naste. Bob said I could buy my car back for the $17,800. I said great. I’ll be right down with a check. He told me he would get the paper work and call me right back. And then you can lease the Diamante for $ 369.00 a month for the 66 months. Never got a call. A few hours later I called him and he said, I could not have my car back. It’s gone. Bob felt so badly that I was out and out lied to so that he knocked the payments down to $479.00 and shortened the lease by six months. I want the lease that was advertised in the paper.805-929-6983 Jerry Summers P.S. I have the advertisement.CC Mitsubishi Corp. Retain Legal Consul CC Consumers Affairs Office

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