BitSpread Review


To be honest, I don’t really trust companies like BitSpread that warn investors and clients about potential risks. Not sure it’s right, because they confess in their own unreliability. Everybody understands that everything related to the crypto world is risky a priori and everyone takes this responsibility for their money. That is my first point. Secondly, I have no idea of how to contact these guys if I decide to use their service. Just providing addresses in London and Singapore is obviously not enough. Don’t they think I am gonna visit their office living in a different country? They offer to fill the form, but I know that nobody even maintains it, so it’s kinda useless. And the last things is the team. Not big. That’s strange. It consists of four people only. The team has to be enlarged for sure. That’s all I think about this company. It doesn’t seem to be trustworthy, so you decide, but always be careful.

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