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On 1-11-09 I ordered a funeral arrangement for my sister-in-laws service.nMy order was taken and I was told everything was taken care of. The next day I was called and told they could not deliver the flowers because the closest florist was 35 miles away(Thats a Lie) The person told me that my transaction would be reversed back to my card by Midnight that day. I told her how upset I was as the funeral was in a couple of days. I checked my acct. the next day and found the money was taken out , but not put back in. I called them back twice. The first time I called I was told they couldn’t even find my order. I expressed how upset I was being I had just lost 2 family members in 3 days and that was all the money I had for flowers. All I got was sorry can’t do anything. So I called again today 1/12/09 and spoke to another person and was again told she couldn’t find my order. She told me told while she contacted a supervisor. Finally when she came back on line she told it had been found and the reason for it not being delivered wasn’t clear. She then informed it would take 5-7 business day to reverse the charge. I again expressed how disappointed I was and upset as that was all the money I had. Now I can not pay for any flowers for her service. Its bad enough we are hard times to have people do this to you. I would never recommend these people to anyone. nRennenLas Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

Haymarket, Virginia U.S.A.



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