Blue License Holding, LLC Roseburg Oregon


Complaint: Because I was ill and bored this evening, I decided to do a Google search of my name. I was absolutely stunned and horrified at what came up! A website claiming I had made prank phone calls from my current cell phone number several years back. But what was so outrageous was that the so-called “plaintiffs”” stated that I have “”and arrest record for felony domestic violence””! I couldn’t believe it! I STILL cannot believe it! I have no such “”Criminal Record/s

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: “” but now I’m aware that people could be looking my name up on the internet and find this crap! This is libel

Website: and I also warned them that if they fail to contact me

Phone: but I have no idea what to do about it. I emailed the company that appears to be listed on the “”complaints

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