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Blue Line Industries LLC Sand Rail car piece of junk Longwood Florida!!. Purchased this sand rail 1000 turbo charged vehicle from the above in 2014. The car was delivered late with numerous problems. On the initial ride it overheated and back fired. I called Rick, the owner, he said not to worry because the (Chinese) manufacturer installed the wrong guage and I should just ignore it and as far as the back firing, it was normal because it was a turbo. When I got home I checked the oil level and it was 1 1/2 qts. overfilled. I once again returned the call to Rick and he told me he didn’t know how that happened but just drain out the excess. After looking over the vehicle the seat belts didn’t fit properly and weren’t adjustable, when I turned on and off the head lights the radio would stop playing which indicated faulty wiring in the sytem. Now I’m experiencing the same but now the horn doesn’t work, the left front turn signal doesn’t work and neither does the front speaker. I also told Rick before I bought the vehicle that I lived on a dirt road and he said no problem, it’s a “sand rail”. The next thing to break was the turbo which wasn’t working and only being held in place bythe manifold. I hired a mechanic to put an extra strap on it and a new balloon gasket. When I told Rick he immediately became defensive and said it was my fault for not tightening all the bolts when I took delivery, which was months late from what I was promissed because he kept telling me that they were making sure it was right before they would send it out. Right away I was having braking problems, again I hired a mechanic who told me that the driver side hub was out of round, the front brake pads were worn out while I virtually didn’t have any rear brakes. Then my master cylinder went out and it was replaced under warranty but I had to have a mechanic install it for me. I am now on my third master cylinder and once again I paid my mechanic to install it. Other issues with the vehicle include a poorly designed fan housing that has fallen off and the current clips are giving way again. The top fell apart and he said that wasn”t warrantied because of normal wear? The locking gas cap would lock up and was unremovable, the fender welds are so poorly done that I’ve had them brake off three times. The rear speakers broke off almost immediately because of poor installation, the speedomter isn’t even close to being accurate as all the guages seem to be of sub quality. The last time I sent the car back he kept it for 6 mos. ensuring that the warranty would run out before he returned it to me. In his defense he did finally get my turbo working on the last service and he repaired the front end which he said I caused by riding through the forest. Since I paid another $100 shipping to retun my vehicle Rick would not accept or return my calls. Numerous voice mails were left but no response. I’m 64 yrs. old and I didn’t purchase this vehicle to run the hell out of it. I purchased it so my wife and I could take fun rides. I told him from the start of all these problems that I wanted to lemon law this piecee of junk but I made a few calls and was told that it needed to have been serviced a few times before that would be possible. At $100 shipping each way I hired a mechanic instead. The problems continue and I’m afraid now to take it out on the road because of the overheating problems which he never adddressed. I believe he took advantage of me and of the other individuals who purchased this kind of vehicle from him. I don’t seem to have any other recourse against this company and after initially paying @ $15,000 for this piece of junk I’m stuck with a garage of unusable junk.

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