Bluestone Construction Services Pty Ltd Reviews & Complaints


Do NOT work for Bruce Oaklands and any of the following companies: Pallazo constructions trading as Bluestone Construction Group Bluestone Construction Group Pty Ltd Bluestone Construction Group ( NSW ) Pty Ltd Bluestone Construction Group ( Australia ) Pty Ltd Bluestone Concrete Solutions Pty Ltd Bluestone Civil & Infrastructure Pty Ltd Bluestone Urban Developments Pty Ltd He organises Concrete Pumps to work under Bluestone Constructions then says that the company does not have the money to pay on the particular job site and does not pay them. Because he has so many similar companies you don’t know for which one you are actually working for, you can take him to court but if you pick the incorrect company you don’t have a leg to stand on, even if you have the right company he makes sure that there is no money under that entity so he can’t pay you, although he still works under the other companies and gets an income. He has nearly sent 5 Concrete Pumps bust because he owes them so much money, alltogether over $150K. He is very cunning and knows all the laws so unless you have heaps of money to take him to court there is no use proceeding. How does he sleep at night knowing he owes all that money and won’t pay.

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