BMWNA Adriana Carelli, Christopher Carpani, Michael Perrault, Arthur Dicce, Nagy Waziry, Oscar Gutierrez, Jim Gilarmo, Rod Ortega, Chris Woodruff, Todd Hoerning, Allen Sparrow, Micheal Beattie, Dan Hughes Never Buy BMW’s from BMWNA South Florida Nationwide!!. Bmw has the worst customers service from any company out there.I would never recommend you purchase any BMW’s from Braman Bmw of Palm Beach, FL, Vista Bmw of Coconut Creek, FL, or BMW of Fort Lauderdale, FL. It started when my M3 started stalling and was in the Service for about 4 months out of the 9 months I owned the car, they said they couldn’t duplicate the issue after showing them videos and them saying it could’ve been a different car. I ended up having to trade car because it was bought as a certified pre-owned with only $3500 loyalty check offered. Then my M3 was $22,000 less value than the loan I initially took so it had to be put on the car I have now so my payment went from $1150 to $1688 a month because of that. I can’t believe I have to go through this because, i nearly got into an accident at a stop light because of stalling issues and the 4 months of service, BMWUSA didn’t have the consideration of putting me in something similar to my M3, because there was $22,000 of negative equity the bank will only let me get in to a car of $107,000. So I never recommend BMW TO ANYONE PLEASE STOP BUYING BMW’S PLEASE STOP. Even the 650 I got was at dealership for SOS malfunction not even 2 weeks of owning it was in service 1 month out of 6 months owning it.Please stop buying BMW’S

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