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A few weeks ago, my mother went into Bob Rohrman’s for an oil change. They ended up changing ALL of her fluids and charging her much more for it. I had personally checked all her fluids about a week before and with the exception of the oil, they were all fine. I would have changed the oil myself but I did not have the space in my apartment’s parking lot. When she went in to get her oil changed, they brought out “samples” of fluids from “her car” and said that they all needed to be changed. Not really knowing what was going on, she agreed to this. They then charged her much more to change all her fluids when only the oil needed to be changed. I went in on March 23 to talk to them about this and they accused me of lying. After this, I was very angry, but things only got worse. I spoke with a friend today who used to work for Bob Rohrman and he told me it is COMPANY POLICY at all Bob Rohrman service garages to rip people off by telling people they need unnecessary services and then on top of that overcharging them for it. Stay away from Bob Rohrman and warn your friends to do the same! They WILL rip you off! Mike Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.

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