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Despite of my full payment of credit card dues my name appears in civil sites which refrain me from getting housing loan & others loan for doing my normal business. The amount was only rs. 734 paid in the month of feb 2009. When i made complain of this to vp recovery to remove my name from sites and confirm me my nil balance. . He said. . . You have nil balance which we can convey you verbally could not mail you in this regard and upon your request we will remove your name from civil sites. Who knows about civil sites. . . Lets assume know why bank take own initiative to remove the name of customer from civil sites after recovery of full amount. I am going to file either a consumer court or in rbi to give proper guidelines to retail banks. . . I am a professional. . Appearing my name in civil sites detrimental to my professinal interest. I am being harrased by verbally abused by vp recovery of bob cards ltd. And no bank at this stage wish eztend loan to me becasuse my name appears in civil sites. . . Regards

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