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Boerne Automotive Deceptive business practices, fishing for repairs, scam artist Boerne Texas!!. I took my car in for an inspection sticker and was initially told it just had 2 or 3 lights out that would have to be replaced in order to pass the inspection. I asked if they could replace them there and he said yes.He came back 40 minutes later and told me the car won’t pass inspection because the inner tie rods are too worn and it would be $500+ to fix and if he didn’t fix it, I would still have to pay for the inspection, which was fine. He then brought me the bill and I had a $25 charge for light bulbs. I asked him why he wouldn’t have given me the courtesy to tell me that the car wouldn’t pass inspection before he replaced the lightbulbs. He responded by telling me that the bulbs “are only $7”, but the fact is that those 3 bulbs cost me $25.00, plus I still had to pay for the inspection and some other misc. fees (for what, I don’t know because the description is vague)! I have been fixing and working on my own vehicles since I was 15 years old and I know cars pretty well. I have never had a shop lift the car to check the steering during an inspection and I even checked Texas regulations for inspection. The steering componants have to be within certain specifications and the shop didn’t measure anything, they just turned the wheel. When I told the guy that no one has ever put any of my cars on the lift during inspection, he said “they were doing it wrong”. So why in all the years at every shop is everyone “doing it wrong”? Anyway, I’m just writing this review to warn people not to go to this shop. I felt swindled out of the money I had to pay for the lightbulbs because before they replaced them, I was not told of the cost of the lightbulbs. I felt like they were attempting to take advantage of me and rip me off. Be wary and don’t take your car to this shop!

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