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Boost Mobile North Carolina Boost Mobile allowed a fraudulent charge on my Debit to their services. I am not a customer. Fayetteville North Carolina!!. I contacted Boost mobile after I reported the fraudulent charge to my bank. The customer service department claimed that they cannot look up a charge from the credit card number used. They claimed that I needed to provide a telephone number for the account to process a refund. After several minutes of heated discussion with their CS department I was given a different number to call to check the card against a purchase. The first thing I heard on that number was an automated explanation that they are a sales line only and cannot conduct CS transactions. The CS department is either misinformed or trained to lie to people who call in wanting a refund on their allowed fraudulent actions. There are measures a company can take to ensure that someone elses card is not used to make a purchase through their automated services but they do not employ those thechniques. After seeing multiple unanswered complaints here on Ripoff Scams I assume that this is a common problem with Boost Mobile. This company perpetuates and supports fraud on a nationwide scale.

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