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sold my daughter and I a car that does not run. We drove it out of the parking lot for about a mile. Did ok. The dealer did tentative paper work of which he said he would finish later which did not get done until Monday Oct. 24, 2011 and the paper work was signed not finished on Oct. 19, 2011. On the way home the eng lite came on and Beth brought the car back and the dealer said he would fix anything that was wrong. Made an appoint also to change oil and when she showed up didn’t remember saying that. It has been constant calling his mechanic to come and get the car going. She has been broke down numerous times and numerous trips to his mechanic with all kinds of things he says he fixed. Car still had the same problem. The mec hanic said i t had water in the gas and now says the car has a busted head gasket from the start and the dealer would not authorize him to fix. We traded in my Explorer of which the dealer said had transmission problems and so gave me less money even though I had rebuilt the transmission one yr ago and gave him a copy of the receipt on that repair. He added a $1780.0 extended warranty I was not aware of which is worthless for a car over 135000 miles. Did not give me a buyers guide and after saying he would just replace the car, he later refused to do that. I belive he was stalling to get the days past so I could not reject the sale. The car is broke down in the mechanic’s shop and my daugher does not have the money to put a new engine in the car. We have had to make two car payments but cannot drive the car. We cannot even get it home. That car was over $8000.00 and will not run of which we have a aprox $5100 loan to pay on and my car was resold for I am being told for $10000.00 of which he allowed us $3400 for a trade in. He also took $100.00 cash from my daughter which he said he had to have to make sure we were serious on buying the car. That money doesn’t show anywhere in the paper work. He kept telling me if I didn’t take the extended warranty he might not make the trade but I had that cancelled thrugh the loan company because after 24000 miles it was void anyway and did not cover things if the car was over 100, 000 miles. He definitely mislead us on the sale and also refused to honor what he promised as far as fixing the car. We have a supposed $8000.00 car wit a 5100.00 loan against, 240.00 a month loan payment, 85.00 ins. fees and have not been able to utilize the car at all. My daughter is 8 mo. pregnant and breaking down on 3rd shift was very tramatic for her not to mention the wear and tare and expense of trying to juggle my car to get her back and forth to work. We live 20 miles outside of Topeka.

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