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Somewhere around April 14, 2010 my 11 year old daughter saw an infomercial on tv for the Brainetics product and took my credit card information and ordered it thinking it only cost $14.95 when it actually costs $164.94. All this took place without my knowledge. I found out about it around 04/19/10 when the package arrived at my home. At that time I called the company and explained what happened and was told to send the package back via return to sender and that I would be issued a refund and that there would be a note on my account that this was a fraudulent charge. I sent the package back on 04/20/10 as per the instructions and today noticed that I was not only not issued a refund but was charged the other $149.99 and when I called the company was informed that they would issue a refund for the $149.99 when the package is scanned into the warehouse but the $14.95 is nonrefundable as per the agreement that I signed when I ordered. I explained again that it was a fraudulent charge and was advised to call the police on my own child and report her. All I want is a full refund for the returned product and for them to put some sort of safeguard in place that will prevent children from ordering things from them without the parents permission. The web page is very misleading as far as pricing, especially when it is being read by a child.

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