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Braman Motors Braman Miami, Braman BMW used car purchase nearly killed my son Miami, Florida!!. I’ll try be as brief as possible. I nearly killed my son due to a faulty used car purchased a few days ago from Braman Motors. On 7/28/12, I went to Miami to purchase a used M6. It seemed like a good deal after asking questions about the car. Victor said there was nothing wrong with the car and appeared fine during the very short test drive – wasn’t allowed to drive more than a few of blocks. Anyway, I drove the car home a couple hundred miles from Miami and everything appeared fine. The next day, we went out to dinner and came home. I stopped the car in our drive way just before entering the two car garage so everyone could get out – our two car garage is too tight to open both doors. My wife went into the house and my kids went out to play. I couldn’t see my son and didn’t know he was playing in the driveway about 5 feet from the back of the car. Nevertheless, I wasn’t concerned about where they were since I had the car in first gear and being a very safe driver. I then looked around the front and sides to make sure everything was clear, released the brake and lightly stepped on the accelerator. The engine revved and started rolling backwards. After about two seconds a warning about transmission failure appeared. Due to slope about 15 degrees, the car rolled to where my son was playing within seconds. My wife was looking out the window when this happen and raced outside in panic. I still didn’t know my son was there and was nearly ran over. He only had a second or two to jump out of the way which probably saved his life. In conclusion, if you’re buying a used car from Braman Motors, don’t be concerned only about the cost to repair your car, think about the well being of your family. It’s not worth the risk. I strongly recommend purchasing elsewhere. I still don’t know what’s wrong with the car and what it’ll cost to fix it. I’m just thankful my family is in good health. I have no desire to drive this car now – not sure if it’ll pass, and now I’m not even sure if I want to keep it and will probably sell it at a loss just to keep my family and others safe.

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