Brenda Kampe


This lady is on dating site scamming people out of money alone with Denise Turner who is a well known criminal con artist and theif. She has many charges against her and now Brenda Kampe is being investigated for several charges aswell. | Mrs Turner is taking money claiming to be a pep boys representative and is not a employee she was operating out of Arlington and Mansfield tx any questions call pep boys Off Cooper and Hwy157. If she has scammed you please feel free to call Arlington police department and Mansfield police department. | Her spouse is also a teacher and the Arlington school district and her partner Brenda Kampe aka BrendaBoo is a irs official and working out of Lewisville area who has many issues going on. Her doctors have given documents that she is a sick and very disable female. She also has a brother thatís on trail for raping Lil girls please be aware and careful.

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