Avoid this company at all costs….this company selles wind turbines that will not produce the advertised power . Less that 20 perecent of advertiserd out put and you cannot reach the owner. He further now appearantly offers consimmer deeeply discounted programs to offer false testomony based on their experiences with the products. I beleive this is because upon receipt of the product it is made out of roller skate wheels. I believed that we were getting a piece of high technology as they stated they had applied for patents in the videos for this product. When I found the product would not turn into the wind I found that I had to adjust the wheels and the bump stops. After further investigation it appear I needed a skateboard wheel instead of a roller blade wheel on my wind turbine that I had intended to use to power my home. Does anyone else find this as rediculous as I do? After further investigation we if was eluded to that the afro of the engineer was no properly fluffed with the fruits and berries requisite of some good BS. In summary this thing will not power a thing….B Bobboy Greene is still a con Artist and these blades are only good if we want to go Bush Hog the front yard Had I only went with a real company with a yaw bearing assmbely my turbine would have turned into the wind and none of this would have happened……remember this If the some of the word do not equal the sume then truith was probably never part of the equasion.

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