Brite Smile Brite Skin MedSpa Reviews & Complaints


At the beginning, I was a customer of Pure Med spa. They didn’t call to tell me that it was being bought by BriteSmile BriteSkin and that I would loose more than half of my treatments. I paid an additional $1000 and got a few more treatments (for lasik hair removal). Now a year later, it has been bought again by some random company called Pinnacle Redmond and they are saying that I can only have treatments on Monday and Wednesday (and half of Saturday). I am scared that after having spent $6000, I will loose my treatments here very soon ( as you can have treatment every six weeks for an area). They ofcourse don’t have the courtsey to call and I am sure are duping other existing and new customers. The result from the lasik treatments are very average…but most importantly I have lost a hell of a lot of money and there is no refund, no transfering of treatments to a different store..nothing.

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