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Bryan Chevrolet Bullied Lied to Threatened for their Damaged vehicle Metairie Louisiana!!. I purchased a certified used vehicle from Bryan Chevrolet and later found it to have been wrecked and not repaired. The damage was not revealed to me at the time of the sale. When I brought it back to them I was brushed off and treated as if I had done something wrong. I was finally asked to bring the vehicle in over a week later. I began to communicate with the owner of the dealership, who asked me to come look at the damage to the vehicle with him. I arrived to find my car taken apart and in preparation for repair. The vehicle was brought to them for inspection only. The owner then said he would work with me to find another car. I tried to work with the owner but after one day he called me unreasonable for trying to pick out another vehicle as he had requested me to do. He then told me he was backing out the car sale and threatened me with police action if I did not return their loaner car and pick up my trade in. Out of fear I did as he demanded and took my trade in home with only a temp tag. I had no documentation on the car. I did not sign any documents for either vehicle. I also learned they had failed to pay off my trade in. The payment they sent to the bank was short. After weeks of waiting in confusion I paid of the remaining balance on my loan and later received clear title for the car. Two weeks later I was contacted by the dealership demanding I give them the title to my car so they could get the bank to reinstate the loan and get reimbursed for paying off my trade in. Every contact with the dealer from that point included some sort of threat even as far as saying they would just come take the car from me. The dealer used the power of attorney from the sale, which I had signed in the stack of paperwork but it was not witness or notorized, to obtain a duplicate title for my car. After a more time with no word from the dealer they called me at work demanding I sign some paperwork regarding the title to the car. I told them I wanted to seek council regarding the paperwork before signing anything. The documents were intended to add the bank to my title but did not include any documents from the bank. They proceeded to again use the power of attorney to push the paperwork through before I had an opportunity to get advice. I have never been treated so terribly in my life. These people showed no regard for my well being and treated me as if I was the one who had done wrong from the beginning. Almost every encounter included some form of bulling or threats aimed at forcing me to comply with their demands. This has been with worst 4 months of my adult life.

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