BUCA, Inc Complaint


A group of around 15 of us ate in the Pope room at Buca De Beppo”s on Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011. Five minutes after we left the restaurant, I realized that I had left my camera at the table in the Pope Room. We immediately turned around and went back to the restaurant. To my dismay, the table had already been cleared and my camera was nowhere in sight. I spoke to the manager to findout if anyone had turned it in, no one had. The manager said that only 2 people had been in the Pope room since we had left–the 2 Mexican ladies in charge of clearing off the table. We spoke with the ladies and they claimed they had not seen the camera. We know for 100% sure that the camera was left in the Pope room. We asked the manager if she could do a quick search, maybe check the employees work stations, or purses. She was enraged that we would even suspect that one of her employees would steal something and refused to help us search for our camera. It was really frustrating knowing that our camera was hidden in the restaurant somewhere, and not being able to do a thing about it. I really wish there was a way to get the pictures that are on the camera 🙁 The bottom line is that it is way to easy for employees to steal things, double check and triple check to make sure you have all cameras, purses, etc. before leaving a restaurant.

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