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Bucks Auto Sales These people will rip you off. They are so kind and courteous to you until they get your money. Thereafter you will become nonexistent. I have not had my car an entire two weeks & here it is that I am having to miss work but yet instill they are so nonchalant about this situation. Gray Court South Carolina!!. Why would I do all the work to get this car repaired when its quite obvious that I have not even had the car less than 14 days. They do not care. They claimed they fixed it. I get in the car to leave, all the safety sensors are still on an the car barely wants to crank. I spent 1,900.00 for them to blow me off like this. Do not purchase from them. You will be disappointed. I have had my car for less than two weeks and my car is having some issues. I spoke to the company the first day the issues started. I was told to bring it in on the following Monday. I missed work to get the issue addressed, they didn’t order the part as they claimed. Told me they couldn’t fix it that day an I would have to miss work again. I reached out to Goodyear in which they informed me that the part was in. I made it aware to Bucks Auto, then all of a sudden they can do it today. I brought my car, they claimed it was fixed. I got in my car, to the same problem. They are nonchalant about this situation. I gave them 1,900.00 down payment just to have to go through this.

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