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CAC Recovery & Receivables is threatening collection on an alleged and unverifiable service contract through FLA Technical Group from 2015 . Will file with Florida Attorney General’s office as well. On 11/15/18 at 1:35PM, I received a call from a gentleman named ****** Louis (and his supervisor – ****** Delprette) demanding payment of $649.99 for alleged delinquency of three installments on a service agreement from September, 2015. The collection agency – Administrative Closings and Collections LLC; Capital Administration Center LLC – threatened to destroy my credit history for non-payment of these installments (includes 33.3% late fee) for invoices never received over a two year span. During the call, this "company" claimed they’d bought the debt from US Technologies and they had a phone record of our conversation when indeed I suffered a malware infection of my Mac computer. FLA Technical Group took control of my computer for 18hrs to fix the problem but made it worse. I requested the hard copies of the agreement (of course, none exist) and was told I couldn’t access the phone recording until it was released to an additional debt collector and the credit bureau. "This will cost you another $250 if you decide to ignore us." I badgered them so I could at least get a copy of an original invoice (never seen before today) and surprise – 22 hrs billed just like an earlier complaint on the website. Further digging revealed this "collector" has the same phone number as the original invoice, "service technician," and actual companies from 2015 to now and Capital Admin is registered to the same individual as principal, " a Mr. ****************. The physical address is someone’s private residence at 515 S. Indian Trail in Ft Pierce, FL. which had 8 complaints filed against them. They have an "F" rating through the South East Florida BBB.

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