Cal Spas Louisville Kentucky Review


I recently purchased a Cal Spa hot tub based on the information provided by the dealer and Cal Spa’s web site. There proclamation that the tub is “fully foamed”” is a lie. There are dozens of bare patches where heat can escape. The entire foaming job is sloppy and incomplete. Energy efficient? No way. Their “”on line”” description also mentions a foil and bubble insulation surrounding the interior. What is really there is a heavy nylon reinforced paper with no foil. So much heat escapes from this unit that the upper portion of the exterior panels is always hot to the touch. I can just see my electric bills skyrocketing. Several of the wooden braces are loose and even though a “”mouse guard”” screen is installed below the equipment access panel

there are inch wide gaps at the bottom of every corner of the cabinet. It seems amazing that such little effort would be required to correctly insulate and construct one of these spas. It seems obvious where their priorities lie so don’t even consider a Cal Spa. I only shudder to think what their customer service is like considering the horrible quality of their product.”

1462 E Ninth St Pamona, California United States of America


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