Calendar Holding LLC Chicago Illinois Review


I would like to Advice every single enterpernure out there to never work with this company as owner operator. 1- they are very nice till u sign the contract then they don’t care about u after that. 2- the wear house will send u boxes that doesn’t have all the items, and if u call to tell them they will not belive u, so either way u are losing $$$. 3- they send u calanders and toys that people can buy from walmart for half of this price. 4- they didn’t reimburse me the phonre bills in full amout, they ripme off 150$ fees ?termination fee to send me my money back ? 5- they put fines on you during the time u working with them. so u don’t get your deposit back in full

6411 Burleson Road Austin, Texas United States


Corporate Fraud, Ripoff- Misc, Tools

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