Capital Trust Markets Review


I invested my money in his company called Capital Trust Markets and when i decided to pull out my money i could never get a hold of anyone and when i finally spoke to the CEO Reza Mokhtarian he just gave me the run around. I now searched the internet and find that im not the only person who he has done this too. He now has an instagram and snap chat account and is fooling the young minds with modivational speeaches and playing with the youth mind by posting google images of money and fancy cars to act that he is some muliti millionare. I have done alot of research on him. He owns only 2 cars that are leased. Im sure these paymens are paid for by people like myself who invested in his scheme internet forex company that is basicly a way to steal peoples money to pay payments on his two exotic cars. People must be informed of this man as he is a con man and a sick munipulator who stole my hard earned money. i lost $8000 , its not much but it really bothers me that this man has been stealing money from many like myself to pay for cars to impress people and con people of being someone that he isnt. I know in a matter of time we will see this man in jail as now im working with the autorities to serve him justice, but until then i want to warn everyone of this man before they are victims just like mysefl .

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