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I purchased a 2006 Lexus GS in Aug 2013. Listed price online was 7,900. I was told by “Joe” (probably an alias) that this was the financing price, not the cash price. Before paying he went through a big pitch about special financing but never produced a document with a total value printed on it; All I have written is the loan agreement, which said I was to pay $400/ mon. I later found out the bank had me down as owing $25,000.00! When I told him what Westlake bank had me down as owing he said that’s not the real price. He told me on the 13th month I’d be able to pay the balance, which he said would be $3700 and the car was mine. The total I would have paid was to be around $13,000.00. Much higher than the $7,900’the car was listed for, but I was still satisfied at the time. One year passes, and on the 15th month I went to Joe to pay off my car. This was after me calling him for 2 months and him dodging me. He claimed the special financing program ended and that he’d search other banks. I went to Brooklyn on several occasions just to get the runaround. One time he filled out a refinance form for me with a bank, said it was approved and that all I had to do is call for them to take care of the rest of the refinance. I did call. When I gave them my mileage (115,000) they said I had too many miles to qualify! Im disgusted with Joe and this company, but this was not all. Joe also told me he knew insurance underwriters and that for a fee ($500) I can get locked into a low insurance program. This was within my year. Before I knew these guys were crooks. Long story short, my insurance was canceled 3 times and I had to pay the penalties ($350) Later, I realized he put a different address for me. He later told me he did not know, and a business associate was in charge of the insurance branch of the business. Now it’s April 2015, I’ve been paying $400/min for almost 2 years, still owe $12,000.00 and I have a lawyer. I’m looking for others who were scammed by these crooks. The company is still there and they are able to keep this scam going. Please reach out if you are currently, or were a victim in the past. .

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