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Car Mix Motor Co. Dan Fishell and Hassan Amin Bait and switch game Phoenix Arizona!!. I purchased a BMW from this establishment on 12th of June 2013. I dealt with Dan Fishell at first. The car was priced at 7999.00. It needed new tires and had 2000. More miles on it than my 1994 BMW. This one was a 2001. We agreed on an u2018out the dooru2019 price of 7500. 00. We had finished all of the paper to even having the u2018temp tagu201d printed out and were just waiting for my bank which does not have a branch in AZ. To clear the payment. In the meantime Hassan the lot owner came in. Started screaming immediately at me, and Dan. Saying, car not sell for that, Dan should have known better, I will fire him, here take $100. Dollars go have lunch sorry not sell car. Well he and Dan went into the next room the yelling stopped Dan left for vacation I then asked Hassan how much for new out the door price. $8200.00 was his u2018newu201d price, then he tells me he will list it on eBay get more, that hardtop alone worth $15,000- hardtop is worth max $5,000 and I told him this. We left I decided I really wanted the car as it is a hard one to find. Called him told him to start the paper work and got to sit around waiting for my bank to clear new payment. And yes Hassan they DO have a record of the first attempt so it is on record that all of this is fact. We got to listen to his ranting for about 3 more hours. Of course he took the u2018lunch moneyu201d back as I did purchase car at new inflated price. This was the worst experience I have ever had buying a car and I have bought many. I used to own a restaurant so customer service and return also referral business is important to most service, sales related businesses. Check reviews on Yelp and see just how unimportant any kind of honesty or civility is to any of the people involved with this dealership. They give pre-owned dealers a black mark that most do not deserve but this one deserves to be reprimanded , or even closed down.

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