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Carburetors and More Chuck Ro Rude and Unprofessional La Porte Texas!!. Don’t waste your time with Carburetors and Mor e,or its owner Chuck Rosa. I contacted him to find out the availability of a difficult-to-find carburetor. When I asked him questions about fitment, adjustments, price, turnaround time, etc. he sent me an email back that he did not want to do business with me. I received this email after researching carb numbers off the carburetor and sending them to him. Beware of businessmen who don’t want to do business with customers who ask questions about their products. It is obvious from the previous complaint that these remanufactured carburetors are not quality rebuilds and possibly have dangerous fuel leaks. He obviously has difficulty rebuilding carburetors but has the audacity to question my qualifiecations for installing a carburetor. I have been installing carburetors on any number of vehicles for over 50 years as well as having both an undergraduate and graduate degree. I am quite capable and confident in my skills. However, based on the previous complaintant, Mr. Rosa’s skills as a carburetor rebuilder are questionable. He needs to find another line of work that does not expose him to the public.

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