CarCash Check the bottom line and figures Tucson Arizona!!. After 8 hours of negotiation to find a car in 106F heat in Tucson, I made an agreement on price with Summer who did work very hard to do the deal. But when I reached a price on the car and checked the numbers, I found 2 unnegotiated nearly $1500 extra charge. I was told a GPS tracking device would be added to the car for loan puposes. OK… but when $1000 was added on to the sale price after hours of trying to keep it in an acceptable interest rate, on a $5600 sale price/asking $5950, they up’d the price of the car $350 again. Additionally they charged over $400 paper processing fee. I even had agreed to 24% interest rate for the balance. It was over priced more than a good title and a Salvaged Title too. I was told it was a salvage but they said it was because it was a stolen car and the title was sold to an insurance company. In reality, after I reviewed the CarFax, it was damaged in the front and rear. I drove 2 other cars that they said their mechanics had checked over. I couldn’t adjust the seat on one and the other rattled at 65. Definetly check the carfax and have a mechanic prebuy before you buy. Also, review the figures carefully and ask what they are for. This may be legal but I wasted a whole day for nothing. I would be concerned that their own mechanics should have found the issues with the other cars that were obvious when I drove them.

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