CARMAX Austin Purchased 2008 Volvo Lemon from CarMax $ 27,000.00 Austin Texas!!. Purchased 2008 Volvo from CarMax for $ 27,000.00 right from the start it has been in the shop time after time. They could not of really done a 27 point inspection as they stated. From the start I had break and alignment issues, control panel issues-engine light will not go off-; air conditioner blowing hot on driver-cold on passenger-seats; seats spray painted to look like new leather seats only to find paint coming off on your clothes for next several months-car been in shop 90 days so far-have picked up the repaired car 7 times only to find it is not repaired and given it right back-5 loaner cars later and 2 rental cars later car still not fixed-they make no apologies and will not tell me the General Managers name-They told me if I hire an atty they will not work on my car any longer.

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