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Complaint: i call aflac for a claim. the phone was answere by a woman who told me i had won a weeken cruise for the cost of 59.00 port fees. i believe her. after getting the information and giving her myy cc to charge 59.00 x 2. she switche me to a sales person, :verification person who pressure me wanting to sell me a vacation. i know i said no fifty times an finally said to just cancel the entire deal. i just called my cc company an over 500.00 has been charge to my cc. i am furious, i cannot get in touch w/anyone at the cruise office who will tell me anything. if i hant have called aflac an have this woman tell me i had won a cruise i woul have been a lot more suspicious. they are nothing but crooks

Tags: Sales People

Address: 32 beach ft lauerale, Florida USA


Phone: 8002373503

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