Centurion Scooter & Service Center Review


We recently bought 2 Jonway Galaktika scooters from these guys. One of the scooters are much more responsive than the other so after explaining it we had to take both scooters in to have them looked at. The machanic ( Justice ) and a friend looked at them and told me there is absolutely NO difference in them ( after telling me “yey I’ve always wanted to drive one of these” ). When I disagreed with him he told me he drive them “all the time” and would be able to feel if there’s a problem. The whole issue have been dismissed right there and anything I said got yelled over. He then told me the exhaust has a broken bolt and it needs to be fixed – on a NEW bike!!! I got absolutely NO explanation out of the stuckup mechanic, all he told me was “it happens”. I told him I’m very worried if Jonway’s bolts just snaps, but he couldn’t care less and dismissed me with one of the worst attitudes I’ve seen. Other than that they “serviced” my Honda CRF230 and ever since it’s gushing petrol, they removed the headlight ( !!! ) and the bike is in a much worse condition than when I had it serviced. We will contact Jonway’s headquarters and send both the scooters back, demanding a full refund. This place has a bad attitude, the mechanic has a agressive overbearing attitude and I don’t want anything to do with them ever again. They have bad manners, they have worse service and they charged me R2500 for a service on a bike that they now totally screwed up and I have to take it back to Honda.

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