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I called my insurance company to report front roof damage. I contacted a roofing company Champion Restoration, LLC ( Joshua Beal ) for an estimate on my roof. The worker was supposed to come out the next day February 8. 2013. On February 8, 2013 Dewayne A. Beal showed up to my house ( Joshua Beal) dad and he looked through the house, went outside the house, and took pictures. I told him that the wood would need to be replace and he said oh no i won’t have to replace the wood, I will just lay shingles over top of the existing ones. I said that’s not going to fix the problem. Well let me get back with you on a price. At this point i was planning my wedding. Dewayne A.Beal called said he would be out on April 4, 2013 ( no show ). It wasn’t until June 11, 2013 that i heard from Dewayne A. Beal again. He came by and asked me did i have the money for the repairs to the house. It seemed kind of strange, so he sat there and sat there it almost made me feel like he wasn’t going to move until i told him yes. He asked me if I had my homeowners loan number. So i go through the house trying to gather this information and once i did , he asked if i had the insurance check and since i was so busy planning my wedding all i had to do was sign a affidavit so he could send the check in for me. I didn’t have any knowledge of what the affidavit was for, so I told him that i would send the check in and take care of my part, but he insisted on my letting him do it. Dewayne A. Bwal sent the check in and the money went right into his pocket. Almost a whole month went by and i was wondering why the check had not been sent back to me, so I called my mortgage company amd asked why the check hadn’t been returned. They said because i released the check right in to his hands by him having all of your information. I became sick to my stomach knowing that he took advantage of me and took my money without doing any work to my property. On July 6, 2013 I sent Dewayne A.Beal a text asking him about having cashed the check withtout doing the work and he said yes i cashed it, but i won’t be able to get to you for a while i have a lot of jobs in front of you. I was furious. On July Dewayne A. Beal called and said he would be there on July 11 2013, my birthday no show. All through this time i kept calling my agent Tod Hursey to get help on getting this guy for taking my money, but no one wanted to help me. Dewayne A. Beal paid himself 6,990.00 before the job had even started. I didn’t see Dewayne A.Beal again until July 19, 2013 the day before my wedding. From JUly 20,2013 to July 23, 2013 I was away on my honeymoon. When i came back home my trash cans were full of shingles, they filled my recycle bin was filled with shingles. They threw shingles behind my neighbor garage and was confronted by another neighbor that watched Dewayne A. Beal sons do it. They left trash in my yard, nails on the grill that my small children could’ve got to. Didnt replace or tighten down my satelite dish on the roof. I continued to call him AND ASK THAT HE COME AND FIX THESE ISSUES. So with the issuse with my dish i had to call the cable company to come out and relocate the dish and tighten it down. when the tech came soon as he got on the roof to relocate the dish, it fell over. He said thank God your kids were not out here playing some one could have got hurt. This was on July 30, 2013 the inspector came out after the roof was done and ruled uneven roof decking, but i didn’t understand what that was, so i made several calls to my insurance company to ask question. I contacted Dewayne A.Beal to let him know of the issuse, but he refused to fix it. I called BBB for help because he didn’t want to honor his work. Once BBB got in contact with him he called Nov 1, 2013 told me to recant my story and take back my claim I thought brother and sister in Christ didn’t do things like this to each other, so call Monday morning and take your story back. I TOLD HIM NO. Dewayne A. BEAL TOOK 6,990.00 from me and laid 3 dimensional shingles over 3 layers of existing shingles which caused the uneven roof decking and i still have not signed a certificate of satisfaction or completion with this person or company. I had to higher another roofing company at the cost of 8,285.00 to come in and redo what Dewayne A. Beal CHAMPION RESTORATION LLC – DAYSTAR CONTRACTOR, LLC should have done replaced the roof. Dewayne A.Beal didn’t replace roof vents, flash the chimney , it was just a scam to get money. Really bad experience. I tried to get my insurance company to help me with the matter, but all they wanted was proof that it was taken care of or i would lose my homeowners insurance. Please check out BBB web site to see further complaint on this company. Very disappointed in the company and my self for not seeing the red flags. Dewayne A. Beal told BBB that he didn’t cause the uneven roof decking, but if it were not so when the inspector came out to do his draft it would have been noted. He said what ever issue that i’m having concerning my insurance being canceled is between me and my insurance company. I also contacted a attorney and Dewayne A. Beal have not responded to their request. In November 2013. Joshua never called to talk to me about me being satisfied with the service, so nothing was completed or finished here. Dewayne A. Beal also stated to BBB that him and his family took a vacation for the fourth of July that was very convenient for him to cash that check just in time for him and his family to take their vacation , but he also stated that he was having some financial problems. It’s just not right what these companies are getting away with and he didn’t only rob me he robbed the insurance company and didn’t even do the job he was paid to do. .

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