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Heather Johnson, Ohio Adoption Representative of the Italian Greyhound Club of America (IGCA), and Morgan, support staff member at North Kenny Veterinary Hospital, were both charged in a petition posted on with conspiring to unlawfully remove (under false pretenses) dogs placed in the control and custody of my husband, Antonio Espinosa. However, and as of this morning, IGCA and North Kenny Veterinary Hospital, the organizations behind which these two hide, have not only been able to convince to violate my First Amendment Right, using their so called public platform to petition these individuals and organizations to return my husband’s dogs, | but has denied me the opportunity to demand in the petition that Heather Johnson and Morgan both relinquish their respective positions at these organizations so as to ensure the integrity of these institutions and the safety of the clients they serve. | I guess privacy trumps the right to report and hold accountable those who are named in petitions posted on, rather than the exercise of the inalienable right of individuals seeking justice through a public forum platform such as, when such reporting relays already publicly disclosed information. So, if you are considering the use of for your cause of action, think again, that is unless you don’t mind being dictated by an organization that caters to the interests of the highest donator.

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