Changing Lanes Marketing – Scott Trattner


Changing Lanes Marketing Scott Trattner Do not accept a check, loan money, or do business with Scott Trattner Largo Florida!!. If you have the unfortunate opportunity to come across Scott Trattner, avoid this man at all costs. If he even claims to have money, it will be in the form of a worthless check. He constantly changes offices, states, and locations and after you get burned by worthless checks or lending him money, he will then disapppear. He will be driving a late model car, but this is in fact a rental, that I am sure they are looking for. Changing Lanes Marketing does not even have an active business license, it was suspended in 2018 after one year. Do not lease office space to this man, or do any advertising deals. Do some searching on Changing Lanes Marketing or Scott Trattner. He is a worthless low-life. You have been warned!

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