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Charles Horrocks EBAYDavid Phiips Lied about the condition of a truck that was sold on ebay richboro Pennsylvania!!. ME: is there any thing wrong with the truck? any mechanical issues? rust? ckcjrock(charles horrocks): nothing wrong with the truck there is a little rust on the front edge of the hood ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ When I got the truck it smelled of smoke it made me sick. The drivers window was broken. There was so much rust on the hood it had eatten through the hood and the hood has to be replaced. (rust cancer) The engine light was on. The thermostate was stuck and had to be replaced. The passenger brake was rusted to the rotar and had to be replaced. There was a loud clank noise and the u-joints were completly gone. Mechanic said this truck had been under water for several days and should have been salvaged. The fan didnt work to blow air into the cabin for the AC. The rear tow ball was rusted to the hitch. Under the body was total rust. The gear shift line came off from being rusted and disolved pin. The engine light has gone on again…………….this truck should have been salvaged and Charles Horrocks is a typical lying car sales man without a car sales license. He also never registered this vehicle in his name and sent a pick slip with the original owners signature dated before I bought the truck. Charles Horrocks continues the claim the truck was fine and says it must have happen in shipping and then he has the nerve to say … Its a used truck so what do you expect. Chevy Colorado 2006. I have a 2005 Honda that is like new. I expect what I was told I was paying for Charles. You didnt keep the truck yourself becasue it was a lemon. Your a scammer. Now everyone is warned about you!

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